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Welcome to Samlouchiminidoxies Dachshunds Puppies Home, we are so glad you stopped by to check out our amazing Dachshund Puppies for sale that we have available. Samlouchi Dachshunds Puppies Home is the world’s #1 resource for Dachshund puppies. Samlouchi Dachshunds Puppies offers luxury, one in a million puppies of the highest quality and standards Mini Dachshunds. Please browse through our complete site as any question you may have will most likely be answered. We have a lot of information about Dachshund puppies, Dachshund puppy care and information regarding our Mini puppies for sale. We are here to offer you amazing customer service and support. Our main objective is to raise quality and healthy Dachshund puppies with our excellent work ethics. We are known for and are proud of maintaining open lines of communication with our customers and welcome your feedback.

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The Dachshund was developed in Germany in the 16th century, but its origins may be traced back to ancient Egypt. The breed was primarily bred as a hunting dog and was popular with royalty across Europe, with Queen Victoria particularly favoring the dog. There are three coat breeds of modern Dachshunds, but the original Dachshund had a smooth coat. Some believe that the longer-haired dachshund was created by crossing the smooth-haired dachshund with the spaniel. All three species of dachshund were adapted to hunting small mammals, especially badgers and foxes. This breed has been carefully bred over many years to achieve the best characteristics and coat type. Since then, the dachshund has remained a popular family pet and is one of the most popular breeds of the hound group.
Dachshunds are one of the most recognizable dog breeds with their hot-dog-like bodies. These energetic, small dogs were bred to hunt small animals, but have evolved over time to make fun family companions. Being adaptable, Dachshunds can make a loyal pet in most homes. They require frequent exercise and early training to ensure the best behavior.
Temperament: Dachshunds are playful, loyal dogs with great intelligence. They can be stubborn in training and reserved around strangers. Dachshunds are rarely a problem in families with children, but a Dachshund that is not used to children can become aggressive towards children’s play activities. A Dachshund’s personality varies depending on the type of coat. For example, due to their terrier ancestry, wire-haired dachshunds can be mischievous, while long-haired dachshunds are calm and collected. The smooth-coated dachshund has a temperament that falls somewhere in between. Either way, regardless of coat type, dachshunds have a reputation for being wonderful and loyal pets.


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At Samlouchiminidoxies, we understand that finding reputable breeders can be difficult. That’s why we offer our customers a wide range of great benefits to ensure both you and your four-legged friend have the best experience possible. Here are some of the benefits of choosing samlouchiminidoxies as your best option for finding a new family member.

This is our passion. It’s not just a job for us, it’s our lifestyle. We are here 365 days a year Even if it rains or shines, for better or worse to take care of our adults and babies.

Committed- We are committed to caring not only for our puppies and kittens and their moms and dads, but also for you once you leave our farm. We are always available to answer any questions you may have before and after you choose us.

Experienced – With over 20 years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you about raising and caring for your new puppy or kitten. We enjoy passing on what we have learned over the years to the next generation.

Customer Service – Our customer service is second to none. We strive to respond to all emails, texts, and phone calls in a timely manner and are as flexible as possible in scheduling appointments and communicating with you.

Standards of Care – We have incredibly high standards of care for all of our animals. This includes physical health, mental health, facilities, cleaning procedures, etc.

Licensing – We go above and beyond when it comes to compliance. We are ODA, USDA, AKC, and Canine Care certified. Everyone gets tested regularly. We also have good relationships with local humane societies.

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